Why do companies avoid government business?

  • Perceived as a complicated, time-consuming and opaque process
  • Enormous amounts of data to filter daily from numerous agencies
  • Hard to find qualified suppliers that meet high government standards
  • No experience on how to process and fulfill orders if a contract is won

No longer !

If you are a business looking to build new connections and find growth opportunities that will help you increase your revenues and expand your business, FBO B2B Matchmaking can help you.

Unexpected, right?

Running B2B matchmaking from FBO Software may sound weird, but let’s think about it from a wider perspective. As a business developer you always need to find new business opportunities, new suppliers, new products, or parts.

Subsequently, you must develop a series of strategies that will accelerate your ability to find and manage the process efficiently.

By running a very specific business, you may find it hard sometimes to (1) increase sales and (2) find B2B qualified sources that are aligned with your products or services.

So why not take matters into your own hands and run B2B matchmaking adjusted to your specific needs?

As you probably already understand, one of the most powerful technological techniques is to have access to data, and find opportunities that fit your business needs. So why not take it one step further and run B2B matchmaking to add professional value to your business.

This one small step can help you create a powerful platform to contact prospect suppliers, or find products and parts, or find government solicitations and engage in a meaningful networking dynamic. All this can be done with one click using software developed specifically to save you man-hour searches and get you the results you need in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Not convinced yet?

B2B matchmaking allows you to:

Adjust searches to your specific needs

  • Find and manager business opportunities published by the largest customer the US Federal Government
  • Match your capabilities to the opportunities Find products and suppliers to fit production or bid needs

Find products and suppliers to fit production or bid needs

  • Find and manage qualified companies that supply the products or parts your purchasing department is looking for when manufacturing or bidding on contracts
  • Match sources and suppliers to your company production needs directly from the application

Add incredible value by monitoring your competitors

Is there any better way to strengthen your selling power and cut your cost than have the ability to:

  • Know your competitor selling price
  • Buy at the lowest price from qualified sources

Run FBO B2B matchmaking and earn the business of your government clients or use FBO matchmaking software to find companies you want to work with and give your purchasing department the power and ability to buy products at the lowest price.

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