FSC 9905

Includes Electric Signs; Sign Boards; Display Stands; Mannequins and other display forms; Printed Signs; General Purpose Identification Tags and Blanks, Nonpersonal; Plates and Tags for specific applications.

FSC 9915

Includes Antiques; Artifacts; Coins; Stamps; Rare Books; Works of Art, Collectors and/or Historical Gems; Jewelry, and Cut Precious Stones; Natural History Items.

FSC 9920

Includes Cigarette Lighters; Lighter Fluid; Pipe Reamers; Ash Trays; Tobacco Humidors; Packaged Cigarette Paper.
Excludes Ash receivers and lighters specifically designed for installation in or on equipment.

FSC 9925

Includes Vestments; Altars; Communion Sets; Ecclesiastical Candelabra; Chalices; Patens; Altar Cloths; Ecclesiastical Statuary; Sacramental Wine.

FSC 9930

Includes Grave Markers; Burial Vaults; Burial Urns; Caskets; Burial Boxes; Morticians' Supplies; Monuments; Gasket Shipping Cases.
Excludes Hearses; Mortuary Refrigerators.

FSC 9999

Includes only those items which cannot conceivably be classified in any existing classes