FSC 8905

Includes Game Birds; Shellfish; Sausage Casings.

FSC 8910

Includes Ice Cream; Frozen Custards; Ice Cream Mixes; Rennet; Milk Sherbets; Ices.

FSC 8915

Includes Baked Beans; Juices.

FSC 8920

Includes Flour; Prepared Flour; Prepared Cereals; Macaroni.

FSC 8925

Includes Candy; Chewing Gum; Honey; Maple Syrup.

FSC 8940

Includes Infant Foods; Potato Chips; Prepared Pie and Cake Fillings.

FSC 8950

Includes Salad Dressings; Spices; Seasonings; Flavoring Extracts; Yeast; Olives.

FSC 8955

Includes Postum; Yerba Mate; Chicory.

FSC 8960

Includes Soft Drinks; Ice.

FSC 8965

Includes Beer; Whisky; Wine; Liqueur.
Excludes Sacramental Wine and Medicinal grade Brandy, Whisky, and Wine.

FSC 8970

Includes Ration Packs and Emergency Rations; Care Packages.

FSC 8975

Includes Snuff; Cigarettes; Cigars.