FSC 7105

Includes Bedsprings, Open Style (All-metallic); Folding Chairs; Camp Furniture; Mirrors, Wall Mounting and Furniture Types; Smoking Stands.
Excludes Hospital Beds and Bedsprings; Ash Trays; Mattresses; Bedsprings, Box Style (Fabric Covered).

FSC 7110

Includes Filing Cabinets; Safes; Post Office Furniture; School Furniture; Blackboards.
Excludes Dental X-Ray Film Protective Safes; Visible Record Equipment.

FSC 7125

Includes Kitchen Cabinets; Sectional Shelving.
Excludes Foot Lockers; Filing Cabinets.

FSC 7195

Includes Stone, Clay, and Concrete Furniture; Auditorium and Theater Furniture; Library Furniture; Cashier Stands.