FSC 7010

Note-a group of general purpose analog, digital, or hybrid electronic or electromechanical devices that are interconnected to operate as a system. Frequently referred to as an Information Technology (IT) or Automated Data Processing (ADP) system, although the term "system" is not considered definitive. Includes an assembly of devices consisting of a central processing unit (CPU) and the necessary input/output devices, accessorial devices, analog measurement devices, software and/or firmware required to perform the desired objectives. Also includes subassemblies and units in which input/output devices, CPUs, and/or accessorial devices or components are incorporated into a single assembly or unit. A specially designed device incorporated into a system shall not influence the classification of the base assembly or unit.

FSC 7020

Note-An analog is a representation in one form of a physical condition existing in another form (e.g., the level of mercury in a tube represents temperature in a thermometer; the angular position of a needle represents speed on a speedometer). This class includes only CPUs that accept as inputs the electrical equivalent of physical conditions such as flow, temperature, pressure, angular position or voltage and perform computations by manipulating these electrical equivalents to produce results for further use.

FSC 7021

Note-Digital refers to the representation of discrete numbers, symbols and alphabetic characters by a predetermined, coded combination of electrical impulses. This class includes only CPUs that accept information represented by digital impulses. Specifically, a device capable of performing sequences of arithmetic and logic operations (a program) not only on data but also on the program which is contained in its internal memory (storage) without intervention of an operator.

FSC 7022

Note-Hybrid refers to a combination of analog and digital capability as defined in Classes 7020 and 7021 with conversion capability required for intercommunication.

FSC 7025

Note-This class includes devices used to control and transfer information to and from a Computer (as modified). The input device is used for transferring data and instructions into a computer. The output device is used to transfer results of processing by the computer to Information Technology or Automated Data Processing peripheral devices. Input/output devices combine the above functions in the same device. This class includes printers, display units, disk drive units (magnetic, optical and floptical), tape drive units, terminals, data entry devices and transfer units. Also includes Optical Compact Disk (CD) devices used for the storage and retrieval of data and firmware.

FSC 7030

Note-Software is a series of instructions or statements in a form acceptable to a CPU, designed to cause the Information Technology Equipment or Automated Data Processing Equipment configuration to execute an operation or operations; or a collection of data in a form capable of being processed and operated on by a computer.

Includes System programs, such as operating systems, assemblers, compilers, executive routines, interpreters, translators; utility programs, such as sort/merge programs, media conversion, maintenance diagnostic programs; and application programs, such as payroll, inventory control, and engineering analysis programs.
Excludes Software designed to Government specifications to satisfy the requirements of a particular user or for use with ADPE properly classifiable in an FSG other than FSG 70. Also excludes operating manuals and programmers' manuals properly classified in FSG 76.

FSC 7035

Note-This class includes various devices and associated control units which are designed for use in combination or conjunction with an Information Technnology (IT) Equipment or Automated Data Processing (ADP) Equipment configuraProcessing (ADP) Equipment configuration but are not part of the configuratition itself. IT or ADP support equipment includes magnetic tape testing, certifying, and cleaning equipment; disk pack testing, certifying and cleaning equipment; tape equipment, rewinders, splicers, spoolers and card reconditioners. Included in this class are complete units and components of related general purpose commercially available support equipment which are not specifically designed for use as part of a system such as a weapon system, control system, digital image processing system, missile system, communication system or navigation system. Also included are support control systems and components not specifically designed for use with process control such as automatitic machine tool processing operations in which flow, pressure, temperature or other parameters are controlled by instrument regulations in automatic machine tool and process operations.

FSC 7040

Includes Collating machines, key punch machines, tabulating machines; verifiers; reproducers; summary punches, sorters; interpreters.
Excludes Card actuated machines designed for use with an ADPE system.

FSC 7042

Includes Mini or micro computers used as control mechanisms where computer technology is essential in controlling, monitoring, measuring, and directing processes, devices, instruments or other equipment.
Excludes Mini and micro computer control devices which are designed specifically for use in and/or integral to higher order systems, e.g., aircraft fire control systems, numerically controlled machine tools, sequence controlled printing equipment, motion measuring instruments, office information system equipment, and the like.

FSC 7045

Note-This class includes Information Technology (IT) or Automated Data Processing (ADP) tape seal bands, reels and hubs, carrying cases, canisters,and the like. Also includes all nonrecorded magnetic recording or other removable storage media designed to be used with IT or ADP equipment, such as magnetic tape, removable disk packs, magnetic cards, cassettes, and diskettes. Also includes Optical Disks used for the storage of data.

FSC 7050

Note-This class includes Information Technology or Automated Data ProcessingComponent Assemblies that are parts of analog, digital or hybrid data processing devices. Excluded from the class are items for which more specific classifications are suitable. The FSC structure and indexes will govern the classification of those items permitted classification in a single class only.