FSC 6710

Includes Aerial and Mapping Cameras.
Excludes Television Cameras, Nonairborne (FSC 5820); Television Cameras, Airborne (FSC 5821); Video Cameras (FSC 5836).

FSC 6720

Includes Aerial, Mapping, Microfilm, Photocopy, and Studio Cameras.
Excludes X-Ray Cameras (FSC 6525), and Industrial X-Ray Machine (FSC 6635).

FSC 6730

Includes Screens; Viewers; Photomap Projectors; Integrated Viewers/Printer and Microform storage and retrieval systems.

FSC 6740

Includes Editing Equipment; Enlargers; Driers; Pressers; Printers; Washers.

FSC 6750

Includes Sensitized Photographic Paper; Special Purpose Photographic Chemicals; Unprocessed Film; Photoflash Lamps.
Excludes X-Ray Film (Medical Class 6525 or Industrial Class 6635); Electrographic (Facsimile) Paper for direct electrostatic printing or copying (FSC 7530).

FSC 6760

Includes Light Meters; Tripods; Filters; Range-finders; Photographic Floodlight Fixtures; Lenses; Specialized Photographic Test Equipment.
Excludes Lamps (bulbs) (FSC 6240); Photoflash Lamps (FSC 6750).

FSC 6770

Includes Motion Picture Film, Silent and Sound; Still Picture Film.
Excludes X-Ray Film (Medical class 6525 or Industrial class 6635); Training and Educational Film (FSC 6910); Processed Microfilm (FSC 7670).