FSC 6105

Excludes Starting Motors for Engines.

FSC 6110

Includes Contactors; Motor Controllers; Power Servomechanisms; Switchgear; Voltage Regulators.
Excludes Automatic Pilot Mechanisms; Relays; Resistors.

FSC 6115

Includes Engine, Turbine, Wind, and Hand Driven Generator Sets and Auxiliary Aircraft Generators.
Excludes Motor-Converters; Motor-Generator Sets; Engine Generators; Engine Accessory Generators.

FSC 6116

Note-This class includes items that are designed to produce an electromotive force directly from an oxidation-reduction type of chemical reaction. A complete power unit must include tanks, pumps, and associated control equipment, and requires a continuous, uninterrupted supply of liquid or gaseous fuel and oxidizers.

Includes Complete Functioning Fuel Cell Power Units; Fuel Cells; Fuel Cell Assemblies or Modules; Fuel Cell Reactant Chambers; Fuel Feed Mechanisms; Electrolyte Heaters; Heat Exchangers; and other internal components peculiar to, and used exclusively on or with, Fuel Cell Power Units classified in this class.
Excludes Primary Batteries (FSC 6135); Secondary Batteries (FSC 6140); Generators and Generating Sets (FSC 6115); and items for which more suitable classes are specifically prescribed by the indexes and structure of the FSC.

FSC 6117

Note-This class includes items which are designed for the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical power.

FSC 6120

Note-This class includes transformers with a kilovolt-ampere rating above 1 kva.

Excludes Potential and Current Transformers

FSC 6125

Note-This class includes devices employing mechanical rotation for changing electrical energy from one form to another (i.e., AC to AC, DC to DC, AC to DC, and DC to AC). Excluded from this class are electrical generators and generator sets (FSC 6115).

Includes Complete Battery Charging Equipment, Rotating; Dynamotors; Motor-Converters; Motor-Generator Sets; Phase Converters; Rotating Equipment; Synchronous Converters.
Excludes Nonrotating Equipment.

FSC 6130

Note-This class includes devices employing a means other than mechanical rotation for changing electrical energy from one form to another (i.e., AC to AC, DC to DC, AC to DC, and DC to AC).

Includes Complete Battery Charging Equipment, Nonrotating; Power Supplies, Multiapplication.
Excludes Rectifying Tubes; (FSC 5960); Rectifying Crystals (FSC 5961); Rotating Equipment (FSC 6125); Transformers (FSC 5950); and Semiconductor Devices and Associated Hardware (FSC 5961).

FSC 6135

Includes Cells and Dry Batteries; Nuclear Batteries.

FSC 6140

Includes Rechargeable Cells and Batteries.

FSC 6145

Note-This class includes only bulk electrical wire and cable. Excluded from this class are electrical wire and cable items of definite length either with processed ends, or terminated in fittings.

Includes Insulated and Noninsulated, Wire and Cable, such as, Antenna Wire, Coaxial Cable, Fuse and Resistance Wire, and Magnet Wire.
Excludes Radio Frequency Transmission Line (FSC 5985); Fiber Optic Cable (FSC 6015); Communication Cable Assemblies (FSC 5995); Distribution and Power Transmission Cable Assemblies (FSC 6150).

FSC 6150

Includes Appliance and Extension Cords; Electric Power and Distribution Cable with Attachments, Multiapplication; Common Components of Electrical Rotating Equipment, such as End Bells and Frames.

FSC 6160

Includes Battery Boxes, Covers, Liners, Racks, Retainers, and Trays.