FSC 5410

Includes Prefabricated Panels; Inflatable Shelters; Metal Screens and Metal Windows.

FSC 5411

Includes Expandable and nonexpandable shelters.

FSC 5419

Note-Includes Self-Contained habitat, containing facilities normally expected in a "Rest and Recreational" area, such as; billeting, food services, laundry, shower/hygiene services, recreational and support services that enhance morale and welfare.

FSC 5420

Includes Special Bridge Erection Equipment; Bridge Floats and Pontoons; Tramways; Trestles.
Excludes Pontoons and Floating Docks (FSC 1945).

FSC 5430

Includes Assembled and Unassembled Tanks for storage only; Enclosures for Pressure and Vacuum Tanks; Petroleum Bulk Storage Tanks.
Excludes Boiler Tanks (FSC 4410); Hot Water Tanks (FSC 4520).

FSC 5440

Includes Prefabricated Concrete Placing Forms; Builders' Ladders and Stepladders; Suspension stages.
Excludes Aircraft Ladders (FSC 1730); Fire Fighting Ladders (FSC 4210); Maintenance Ladders (FSC 4940); Marine Vessel Ladders (FSC 2090); Vehicle Ladders (FSC 2540).

FSC 5445

Includes Power Transmission Towers; Radar Towers; Searchlight Towers; Control Towers; Prefabricated Tower Components, such as Anchor Rails, Tie Rods, Braces, Steps, Guy Assemblies; Specialized Tower Hardware.

FSC 5450

Includes Bleachers; Grandstands.