FSC 4410

Includes Steam Boilers, over 15 pounds WSP. Marine Boilers; Boiler Drums; Water Heaters, Low Pressure (over 100 gallon recovery capacity).

FSC 4430

Includes Crucible Furnaces; Cupola Furnaces.
Excludes Food Industry Ovens (FSC 7310); Metal Heat Treating Furnaces (FSC 3424); Laboratory Type Furnaces (FSC 6640).

FSC 4440

Includes Evaporators.

FSC 4460

Includes Electronic Precipitators; Dust Collection Equipment.
Excludes Fan and Blower Equipment (FSC 4140); Air Conditioning Equipment (FSC 4120).

FSC 4470

Note-This class includes all types of nuclear reactors and those items which are specifically designed for use within nuclear reactors, their primary cooling systems, auxiliary fluid systems, special propulsion plant systems, handling and servicing equipment, electrical and control systems, and associated special test and water chemistry control items. Excluded from this class are those items for which more specific classifications are suitable.

Includes Refueling Machines; Ion Chamber Seals; Thermal Barriers; Control Rods; Steam Generators, Pressurized Water; Reactor Vessel Shells; Handling Carts; Hoisting Units, New and Spent Cartridge.