FSC 3510

Includes Washing Machines; Extractors; Wringers; Drying Tumblers; Ironers; Presses; Starching Machines; Marking Equipment; Mobile Laundry and Dry Cleaning Units.

FSC 3520

Includes Shoe Sewing Machines; Mobile Shoe Repair Shops.

FSC 3530

Excludes Shoe Sewing Machines.

FSC 3540

Includes Filling Machines; Container Capping Machines; Label Applying Machines; Package Sealing Machines; Paperboard Box, Case and Tray Making Machines; Strapping Machines; Stapling Machines, except Office Type.
Excludes Paperboard Manufacturing Machinery.

FSC 3550

Includes Fare Recording Devices; Parking Meters; Turnstiles; Coin Operated Phonographs.
Excludes Coin and Currency Handling Machines; Coin Operated Scales.

FSC 3590

Includes Manicure Tables.